facts sprinkled with laughs, 

the stories behind the artwork.

artisan joy interview

an interview about creative entrepreneurship.

i am not dead, yet.

a reflection on letting the kids get weird.

the origin story

the story of my new story, am i alive?

a li'l love story

what the birds of paradise stirs in me..., and you?

my DIY planner

my mishmash approach to daily growth & thriving.

what's in a triangle?

musings on my special sauce ▽

Go Solo interview

learn about my creative tips de jour & more 😊

father's day smile guide

unique father's day gift idea to really show the daddies in your life how much you care ❤️

mother's day smile guide

mother's day gift guide based on dr. chapman's five love languages ❤️

how animal abcs came to be

how i came to write my first children's book.


get the full scoop on how i make my art!