hi, hello, welcome!

my name is merril. i'm a midwest-born and raised, world-inspired, and miami-based collage artist. i’m also a mom to two boys under four and a fanatic of cantaloupe, stretch pants, & water (drinking it, swimming in it, protecting it.., i’m a pisces, okay?)!

the beginnings.

more the merrlier © has been brewing since 1986. my mom says i was born with a broom in my hand but i think she meant broom and gluestick. as a child no one had to tell me to craft 100’s of holiday paper decorations, i just knew i had to.

my senior year of college my hands dabbled their way back to scissors & gluesticks and, much to my roommates dismay, i channeled all emotions into covering our dorm in magazine pages (like completely covering).

a year later, while living in honduras sans internet or other electronic distractions, collage was all i could do (or learn the guitar for the fifth time, i also did that)! this time the scissors really stuck & once back in the states, days spent as an engineer were wound down with evening gluesticks. zoning out to zone in.

the present (it’s all we got)!

and that brings us to the here & now! in 2017 i turned my scrappy hobby into a business with the mission to spread smiles and encouraging you to experience the messy joy of creation as well!

the future…

i aspire to grow this little business that will! and, whenever that gets me worked up in an emotional frenzy, i remind myself to let go, to play, and to experience the joy of the journey.

merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is bout a dream ;)