ah yes, mother’s day is here again!

if you want mom to really feel seen this year, look no further! this gift guide is inspired by dr. gary chapman’s five love languages.

the five wha? i had heard this concept knocked around podcasts for ages but had never paid much mind to the theory until living in extra-close quarters during extra-confined times in 2020 brought forth a few extra disagreements :) & so i dug in…

in a nutshell, dr. chapman says that when it comes to giving & receiving love, we all fall into one to two of five buckets - words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gift giving, or physical touch.

the key to figuring out someone's love language is to take a minute to think how they most often express(ed) their love for you. is it a letter in your lunchbox? a phone call? a dinner date? washing your car? a new sweater? a hug?..

once you know the bucket you should be filling, here are some fun gift ideas.

words of affirmation

  • turn off all the distractions & write a heartfelt card (bonus points if you make it yourself)
  • write 52 one line pick-me-ups & put them in a box for her to draw on throughout the year
  • cover all the nooks & crannies of the house in post-it notes telling her all the ways she is awesome
  • send her a whole series of emails with futureme.org to remind her how much she is loved

quality time

  • plan a sip and paint night & unleash your inner leonardo
  • make her a mixtape playlist of your relationship through the years & dance the day away (& if you must make a tik tok video while you are at it, i am not stopping you…)
  • if she is into plants, take her to the arboretum or nursery to admire the colors & scents; arts, the latest exhibit at your nearby museum; theater, tickets to an upcoming play; adventure - mushroom foraging class.., you got this!
  • make her one of her favorite meals & savor it in a unique and memorable, space

physical touch

  • spa day giftcard
  • family cuddle puddle!
  • head scratches are surprisingly delicious
  • bear hugs, always & forever.


note: it’s not about monetary value here, the thought does count!

  • personalized photobooks, calendar, t-shirt (both zazzle & artifact uprising always have deals brewing)!
  • a new cookbook, travel book, or romance novel
  • bright & cheery wall art (shameless plug 😉)
  • if her laptop, iPad, etc. is accessible - and you know it wouldn't make her upset (!) - do some sleuthing and see if she has anything bookmarked!

acts of service

  • give her a stack of neon post-its she can use throughout the year to flag messes you need to take care of, so she doesn't have to ask even once
  • clean up around the house, car, yard, unprompted, sans coupons
  • make her favorite meal
  • if you have children, take over regular programming so she can have some extra solid me time