father's day, here we go!

we loved on our mommies last month, now what about those daddies?!

ben & i are a li’l over three & a half years into parenthood and, whilst sometimes it makes my heart skip a beat, there is something so beautiful about unbridled daddy time.

mama can get wild & crazy too but it’s usually in the form of dance parties & water fights. daddytime, on the other hand, is a little more prone to booboos. but it also comes with squashed fears & built resilience.

now, if you read my mother’s day smile guide, you know i am all about the five love languages. should you fancy, many of those same ideas can be reinvented with dada in mind!

that said, if your daddy in question has a soft spot - and spoiler, they almost all do - perhaps consider recording and/or transcribing a conversational interview. it will fill just about every love bucket in some way, except perhaps physical touch.., you can deliver with a hug ;)

now, depending on who you are gifting, there are a couple directions to take this,

a - interviewing a dad for his son (i.e. your father in-law for your partner, your grandfather for your dad, etc.)

b - interviewing a son or daughter for their father (i.e. your kids for your partner, your father for your grandfather, etc.)

and some questions to get your wheels turning...

i looked to story corps for some inspiration & brainstormed some more questions from there. i hope the prompts below get your conversation(s) rolling for what will surely turn out to be a most memorable gift.

& p.s. if you want to record a phone conversation, i downloaded the Rev call recorder app and it worked seamlessly when i interviewed my 99-(!!)-year-old grandfather last year.

(and this year - even though leo's answers will consist of dada, mama, this, brother, and ball - i'm going to use the video app on my phone to interview the boys for ben.  shhhhhh).

a la track A

  • when did you first find out that you’d be a parent? how did you feel?
  • can you describe the moment when you saw your child for the first time?
  • how did you choose their name?
  • how has being a parent changed you?
  • what are your dreams for your child(ren)?
  • do you remember when your (last) child left home for good?
  • do you have any favorite stories about your kid(s)?
  • what is the best part about being a dad?
  • what is the hardest part about being a dad?
  • what advice would you give me about raising my own kid(s)?

a la track B

  • what is daddy’s first name?
  • what is the favorite thing you and daddy do together?
  • what is a secret you want to tell daddy?
  • if daddy was a superhero, who would he be?
  • what does daddy most like to eat? does he share with you?
  • what do you like to share with daddy?
  • what is daddy’s biggest talent?
  • why do you love daddy?
  • what is daddy's job?
  • how tall is daddy? how tall are you?
  • what makes daddy laugh?
  • what is daddy really good at?
  • what does daddy need to practice?