what's in a triangle?

i was listening to two artists discuss their work on a podcast the other day and the topic of themes came up.

they both were speaking to the insight they gained when they discovered their special sauce and began to capitalize on it. they threw out examples including drawing with chunky pencils, gravitating to blues, and maybe an excessive use of circles…

hold the phone, that last one is me! not circles, but triangles!

up until that moment i had never stopped to give much thought to why i often cut in triangles. it’s just what my hands do.

upon first reflection, i suppose i landed on the triangle out of convenience, three straight snips.

or maybe it was out of necessity - often the scrapps i am working with are just that, very scrappy. that is, there are a lot of pictures and text to get around around in order to collect the colors & textures i am after.

digging deeper, i have abbreviated writing out change with △ for as long as i can remember. and, speaking of change, while i love me a routine, i embrace uncertainty & adventure in life. in fact, i often crave it. hello moving to the Dominican Republic next month!

and taking this reflection to my yoga mat, hey! triangle is one of my favorite poses!

okay, so maybe you can find meaning wherever you direct your attention.

after all, my friend and i had a million and one reasons when we were little as to why we were destined to be best friends - we live on the same street, we were both born on a 2nd, we both love cheese balls, but i couldn’t resist digging in a little more.

a little googling revealed some saucy delights - 

for one, a triangle is associated with the ‘third eye,’ our higher consciousness, and said to represent manifestation, revelation, and an elevated perspective. some say if triangles appear in your life frequently it is a sign you are being called to live your highest purpose…. i mean. given i dream of growing this business that will i’m all ears.

deeper in the web i found that in numerology the number three is associated with creativity & imagination. the number three has a forward motion to life, and will enter any situation and leave it better than it was before. yes please, i’ll take that!

and with a nod back at my roots in engineering, the triangle is the strongest shape, capable of holding its form while providing immense support. can this translate to the long-lasting value of my originals? a stretch perhaps but it’s worth exploring.

finally, unlike other basic shapes, turns out the triangle is multi-functional - position it pointing upwards and it signifies assertive & masculine energy, point it downwards and ground into the feminine mother. as someone who lives in the duality of both, i love this!

so, while the jury is still out, i’m here for exploring the shape & it’s meaning to me more. here is to may snips to come 😊,