how animal abcs came to be

i have been wanting to create a children’s book since i was a kid.

i have memories of sitting on the floor of our local library, legs sprawled, flipping through crinkly pages for hours.

i would leave inspired, my imagination reeling to go home and write & illustrate my own stories. somewhere in my parent’s attic the gadzooks is an instant classic waiting to be discovered..., mr. know it all on the other hand (😂).

children’s books bring me such comfort that i even turned to them at the ripe age of 25. i was writing my graduate thesis and so stressed i could not sleep..,  some people use melatonin, but i discovered my best bet was a stack of picture books by my bedside.

anywayssss, sometime in april 2020, olin and i were enjoying a is for apple for the hundredth time and it occurred to me - i may not have a well-polished story or an agent, but i do have a menagerie of animal collages and the good ol’ internet. 

i threw some of my favorite fauna designs into a spreadsheet and it turns out that i was only missing ten or so letters… and so the idea for animal abcs was born!

i set the goal of a holiday arrival and over the next few months i scrapped by nap and researched publishing options by moon.

which brings us to the here & now, animal abcs has arrived and i no longer have to say future children’s book author in my bio (!).

so what can i dream up next?

i have a few character stories drafted up and it's a matter of making up my mind and prioritizing the time... stay tuned!