the scrappin' roots

more the merrlier has been brewing since 1986. my mom says I was born with a broom in my hand (for my clean freak tendencies, not my magic powers. woh woh), but I would like to amend this to broom AND gluestick. I love the quote by Danielle Laporte, "can you remember who you were before everyone told you who you should be?" ..., no one had to tell me at age six to cut 100 paper hearts to decorate our staircase, I just knew I Had to! 


the collage ingredients are white stock paper, magazines, scissors, gluesticks and good vibes! they begin in many ways. sometimes with a color palette, sometimes with a specific idea, and once in a while simply by an inspirational scrap! no matter how they start, it's always an exciting adventure to see how they unfold! a little of this, a little of that, hours later i step back and admire what the universe created.

a little bit o' magic

2018-06-30 00.55.58.jpg